Second Life’s Viewer Managed Marketplace

December 12, Friday, there will be a meeting for discussion of the new Marketplace features. It seems few merchants know much about the coming change. The announcement is here: In-World Feedback Session.

I guess this tells us how few residents actually keep up with SL news, either via forums or blogs. Of course that reflects a similar RL fact that only about 20+ million of 300+ million people in the U.S. watch TV news (national news).

I am doubtful this meeting will go well. If I have the time, I may try to make it to meeting. Previous meetings and attempts at communication between the Commerce Team and residents have not gone well. In general, communication with Lindens in the Commerce Team has been at best frustrating. They should probably have metal detectors at the landing point and prohibit pitch forks, tar, and feathers. People are not as irate as they once were. Things have gotten better. Still, I’m not overly optimistic for things going well.

But, notice the meeting is being held in ADITI, the preview grid. This means the number of people that know how to get to the meeting is limited. Attendees will tend to be the more advanced merchants that use ADITI for testing. Also, members of the Commerce Team have been attending the Third Party Developers’ UG meetings. So, the frustration may have been bleed off to some extent. Things may go better than I fear.

To test VMM, you need a VMM capable viewer and a region that supports VMM. Links to the viewer are in the article. The meeting is in a VMM enabled region, ACME in ADITI (I think this link ONLY works prior to your logging in).

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