Bits of Second Life 2014-41 #3


Linden Lab has announced they are going to stop development of Patterns, their version of Minecraft, but prettier.

Patterns™ Splash

Patterns™ Splash

Those that purchased it can still play it. But, the server side functions will no longer work (sharing worlds).

So… was it just not providing the rate of return needed… or did the Lab want the Pattern’s developers for development work on SL2?


Second Life and Oculus DK2

Jo Yardley saw Ebbe Altberg/Linden in 1920’s Berlin. He was testing out the Linden Lab Viewer for Second Life with Oculus Rift DK2 support. She also caught his Tweet about having the viewer out next week. I assume he means ‘out’ as in a new RC Viewer update.

If it is as an RC Viewer then I expect it will have the new CDN and HTTP Pipeline features included. But, that is just my guess. The CDN and Pipeline features are probably 2 or more weeks from making it out to the main SL Viewer. But, they would be a BIG plus for an Oculus RC Viewer. 

Group Chat

More changes are rolling out this week. They should be on all chat servers by the end of today, Friday. No one is sure how much different they will make.

These changes have to do with reducing the chat servers’ work load. Those servers spend a lot of their time and energy on logging people in and out of chat and telling everyone you is online and in chat so the regions servers can update people.

Simon Linden and others are working to consolidate that information into fewer update packets and thus reduce the workload. The Lindens believe this will make a noticeable difference in chat performance.

Most Popular Regions

Hamlet has an article up on the 50 most popular regions in SL. Popularity is determined by visitor count. Hamlet is pointing out that HALF of those regions are adult regions. His thinking is this creates a dilemma for Linden Lab. Supposedly the sex reputation of Second Life has kept it from going mainstream. So, do they try to restrict violence and sec in SL2?

It is debatable whether the sex reputation is the fault of SL (meaning us) or LL or the media. I think I can make a good case for it being mostly human nature and various factors influencing most media outlets.

See: Half of Second Life’s 50 Most Popular Sims Now Adult-Rated: A Lesson for Second Life 2.

Easy Demo Versions

Dagger Ulrik has sent me note cards a couple of times about designers not providing demos of their mesh clothes. She and I both have a problem with that. No demo, no purchase.

Dagger has found a simple solution for designers. There is a script that turns anything into a 5 minute demo! Dagger found it when she bought a demo in a store and read about the script in a note card. It is the: .:*BoSH*:. [5 minutes] Demo maker. (L$250)

I think 5 minutes is a bit less than I would want. If I get to where I need this, I’ll ask if they have a 10 minute version.

On an aside… I’ve tried cheap mesh clothes that had not demo. They were ones where the item’s promo picture showed something so cute and it was L$10 to $50, so I went for it. EVERY TIME I have regretted it. So, you can no longer entice me with a low price.

I don’t mind paying L$1 for a demo. Free is nice too. But, the L$1 price is not a deterrent to me. So, you could pay for this script out of demo sales.

5 thoughts on “Bits of Second Life 2014-41 #3

  1. Paying for a demo – nope — you are getting nothing of value for it . I figure the item didn’t work out and they want the template price back.

    They want to tick off 250 people paying 1l to make one USD? Something wrong with that picture.

    • Of 250 people buying demos, I know all of them will not be bothered. It would be interesting to know the stat on that one.

      I suspect that merchants that use L$1 demos eliminate many more problem customers than they do good customers. But, it is hard to know.

  2. Wow you think creators use a charge for a demo to eliminate “problem customers” ?

    That makes me want to avoid those creators even more! I would hate to trouble them with my filthy lucre.

    • Yes, I do.

      If you have ever had to deal with an entitlement-generation customer, it should make sense.

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