Bits of Second Life 2014-41 #3


Linden Lab has announced they are going to stop development of Patterns, their version of Minecraft, but prettier.

Patterns™ Splash

Patterns™ Splash

Those that purchased it can still play it. But, the server side functions will no longer work (sharing worlds).

So… was it just not providing the rate of return needed… or did the Lab want the Pattern’s developers for development work on SL2?


Second Life and Oculus DK2

Jo Yardley saw Ebbe Altberg/Linden in 1920’s Berlin. He was testing out the Linden Lab Viewer for Second Life with Oculus Rift DK2 support. She also caught his Tweet about having the viewer out next week. I assume he means ‘out’ as in a new RC Viewer update.

If it is as an RC Viewer then I expect it will have the new CDN and HTTP Pipeline features included. But, that is just my guess. The CDN and Pipeline features are probably 2 or more weeks from making it out to the main SL Viewer. But, they would be a BIG plus for an Oculus RC Viewer.  Continue reading

Linden’s Patterns Password Recovery

You can’t! Want to see how bad it is? Watch the video. You only need to watch the first 5 minutes. The rest is all in the same trend.

WARNING: Bad language.

Yeah, I forgot my password too. It never occurred to me that Linden Lab would not provide a way to recover a lost password. And obviously support was no help.

Patterns Game 2013-21

For whatever reason I decided to check out Linden Lab’s™ Patterns. I haven’t followed it. So, I may have missed things. But…

It has changed a bunch since I last played with it. It has improved quite a bit. More of the controls work as toggles. The worlds I can play in have changed. There is a planetoid world. It has spherical gravity, meaning I can walk on all sides of it. You see the planetoid type world in the opening screen image. (Its out of focus in the opening screen)

New Opening Screen

New Opening Screen

The opening panel hints at things to come, I think. There is a choice for Single Player, which I assume means a multiplayer version is coming.  Continue reading

Patterns Updates with New Worlds

I was looking at patterns today and saw it had a new update. It is showing as version 01F (49936). On the NEW screen are listed; ProtoWorld2 – The previous world Beta testers started with, Barren Plain – a new flat world, Red Bluff – a new vertical world, and Hanging Gardens – a fun build no doubt made to give people and idea of the possibilities.

Barren Plain

Barren Plain

I had to learn to jump to get the materials I wanted. I also found collapsing shapes behave a bit differently.  Continue reading

Linden Lab’s Dio & Versu

EzY McAlpine tipped me about an article on How Linden Lab Hopes To Find Second Life In Mobile Creative Play. It is short but points out some new aspects of Dio & Versu, games coming from Linden Lab™.

In the article Darrell Etherington quotes Rod Humble, Linden Lab CEO, talking about Dio: “It’s sort of like Second Life without the graphics, or Facebook but trying to be more of a creative space. … So it’s a web experience and you create your space, but within the spaces, everyone has their own avatar and avatars carry inventory. The way you navigate from space to space is via doors, and you can make things like a MUSH [multi-user shared hack] or hobby space very easily.

Continue reading

Patterns Updated

I was looking for an update of Patterns today. I didn’t see anything. BUT… I tried playing Patterns again this evening. I has updated from 0.01a to 0.01b. You get the update by just opening the game. It updates itself.

You start over. Your saved games are gone. I expect that once the game is out of Beta that will change. At least I hope.

So, I’ll be busy for a while.