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I have seen a little about nVidia’s new graphics cards, the 970 and 980 cards. The Road to VR has a good article on the new video cards. For those thinking about Oculus Rift this is an informative article. See: Big News for VR: Nvidia’s New Graphics Cards.

NVIDIA 980 - 10/2014

NVIDIA 980 – 10/2014

For 3D to work, whatever type, the system needs to render the world from two camera positions. This literally doubles the work the card must do. Fortunately, the texture handling, loading and unloading, doesn’t double too.

The article points out how the new cards are optimized for duel image processing.

Top 10 Hunts

Fabulously Free has their list of the top ten hunts out. See: FabFree Hunts. Most have a Halloween theme. 

SLUniverse: Look At

There is a thread running on SLUniverse about people and their use of Look At. These are the cross hairs that show where an avatar/user is looking. In the SL Viewer you enable that feature via the Develop menu (enabled via Ctrl+Alt+Q) -> Avatar -> Show Look At. In Firestorm Viewer: Preferences → Privacy -> LookAt → Show Look At Targets.

To decipher the colors the feature shows see the SL Wiki: Show Look At. (Note: the videos on this page do not show in Chrome, at least not mine.) The page also explains how to tweak settings for the feature. You edit a file in the viewer’s install folder. The Firestorm colors are slightly different. See: Phoenix-Firestorm LookAt Colors.

The conversation is going pretty much as I would expect.

Imnotgoing Sideways has mentioned that the SpaceNavigator does not move the Look At crosshairs. Nor that SL and Fs Look At features are different. You can get much more information with Firestorm’s features.

Turning the feature off, stop sending, for your avatar’s Look At hints stops your eye motion for people seeing you.

SL Wiki Read Only

If you have tried to edit or add pages in the SL Wiki you may have been surprised to find it is read only. That is temporary. See: Grid Status: Wiki Maintenance.

The wiki software is supposedly being updated. There are rumors that some people were vandalizing the wiki.

Remembrance Rebuilt

The team in NoR, adult RP/combat game, has rebuilt the main play area.

Linden Update on Second Life

A few days ago (9/30) the Lindens posted: An Update on Several Improvements to Second Life. There is nothing there that I haven’t covered for weeks.

Second Life – Guides – Tutorials

This is a blog that collects tutorials dealing with aspects of Second Life. See: Second Life – Guides – Tutorials.

I’ve added the site to my Link List/Blog Roll.


Doesn’t everyone love boobies? Whatever, the blog Big Boobie Babes blog posted about Going Bust @ Cleavage!, a sale for the well endowed… does endowed really apply in SL? Probably not. To be real, we bought ‘em… and the connotation of real is probably misleading too…

Juicy Bomb

Juicy asks an interesting question, do you wear applier clothes in a mesh body and why? See: One Of A Kind.

I, like Juicy, think it odd to wear applier clothes on mesh bodies. But, I don’t have a mesh body yet, just some demo models. But, it seems to me the point of getting a mesh body is to get mesh clothes to fit well. It’s the whole fitted-mesh thing and the direction SL1 and apparently SL2 are going, per Ebbe in the recent Designing Worlds interview. See Ebbe Altberg Interview.

Blender 2.72 Released

On Oct 4 a new Blender version was released. Get it here.

It is an 86mb download, assuming you get the Zip file for the stand-alone install. I highly advise using the Zip file over the install program. It is much easier to have and run multiple versions of Blender using this install method.

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  1. Did you see this article on Road To VR about this guy who is developing a ‘Holographic’ UI for Oculus Rift with Leap Motion?

    This interface could resolve lots of problems when using a goggle. I flagged the article to attention of some bloggers, including you, and I am surprised nobody picked the story.

    • I don’t recall seeing it mentioned… But, I skim most of the stuff I read until something catches my interest. I would expect this to have at least caught my curiosity… But, somehow I’ve missed it.

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