AvaStar 2014-18

I see there is a new video out on AvaStar and the Second Life Avatar. It is a mix of promotional information and ‘How To’.

The current release candidate of the AvaStar plug in for Blender is still avastar-1-1-1057_blender-2-65.

When talking about what AvaStar plug in does the wording is much better. There are numerous things we can do in Blender to replicate what we see in Second Life. But, several of those things cannot be transferred into Second Life.

AvaStar, since the 1057 candidate, does a pretty good job of showing how what we model in Blender will behave once inside Second Life. It is certainly better than the 1054 version I was previously using.

To see Gaia’s videos on AvaStar and Fitted Mesh visit YouTube – Gaia Clary. To learn more about AvaStar and modeling with it visit Machinimatrix.org.


3 thoughts on “AvaStar 2014-18

  1. the Avastar development always takes place on the most recent development version of blender to ensure that we keep compatible with Blender’s own development. Hence Avastar-1.1 does work on Blender 2.70a and it should also work with older Blender versions down to Blender 2.66. (Please use revision 1057, we plan no more feature changes for this release)


  2. Hello and thank you for your wonderful blog!
    I have created a blend file using a previous avastar version with mesh clothes in it as well as the avastar template of course. Opening this blend file with an updated avastar version installed, does the file and everything work the same way it would if it had been created with the updated version or should I append my mesh clothes from my old blend file to a newer one with the updated avastar installed? That would really take much time by the way, so I would appreciate it if you could give me a tip moving from a previous to an apdated avastar version without having to start over!

    Thank you in advance!

    • I don’t have an absolutely certain answer. My understanding is the clothes you made for ‘Classic’ or standard sizes needs to be appended to a blend file with a new Avastar model. You can keep the existing weighting, but will need to rig to the new Avastar armature. Gaia has a video showing how to make the changeover and convert standard size clothes to fitted.

      You can build on your existing work as you move to Fitted, so it is not a complete startover. It is still a pain.

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