Second Life News 2014-18


The main channel got a roll out today. The package running on Magnum was promoted to the main channel. This is the ‘maintenance’ release with some bug fixes. The only notable one being: “llTeleportAgent() and llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords() can break any script in any attached object that contains a change event.” (BUG-5533).

Server Scripting UG 2014-18

Server Scripting UG 2014-18

RC Servers

All three channels will run the Sunshine package with the AISv3 changes. Blue Steel and Le Tigre ran the package last week (17). They will all get the updates the main grid received. The release notes provide no new information on what changes may be in the AISv3 package this week. I suspect there are some. 

System Requirements

There is a post in the SL Blog about the system requirements to run SL changing. The biggie is: “We have removed Windows XP and Mac OSX 10.6 from the list of supported operating systems.

See: Updates to the Second Life System Requirements.

Also, viewer install is going to be more picky about your system’s update status. Quoting: “The Windows installer has been modified to verify that the system has been updated with the most recent Service Packs from Microsoft. While we will not block installation on Windows 8 at this time, we strongly recommend upgrading to 8.1 for greater stability.”

In the next two or three weeks the SL Viewer will be updated and then refuse to install on machines that do not have the current operating system updates. Make sure you either have your computer up to date or turn off automatic updating in your viewer.

My understanding is that for some time Firestorm Viewer would not install if you used XP SP2 or older.

This will push some to update and a few to leave SL.

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