Drax Radio #9

Jo mentions the sensitivity of the controls in SL Go that suddenly has one looking up from under the floor or down at the floor. (29:00+/-). I ran into that problem and mentioned it in my review of SL Go. See: #SecondLife Gets a Mobile App.

At 29:40 the interview of an OnLive wheel, Dennis Harper – product manager, starts. He provides an interesting take on SL as he had not been in SL before this assignment. It isn’t anything we haven’t heard before. I think we find it surprising to hear a manager digging in to find out what a product is and actually support what customers want because journalists in the mainstream media so consistently do such a poor job of reporting. Also, geeky designers tend to design what they want, or THINK we want, without really bothering to find out.

At 35:30 discussion of possible pricing changes and plans start. The main take away is that current pricing is based on uncertainty. Uncertainty usually drives price up. So, depending on how people use SL Go the price will change. While it could go up, the probability is it will go down, provided the OnLive people made good assumptions starting out.

At about the 41:00 minute mark it is mentioned that all of SL Go’s support people are taken from the SL players that have been involved in SL support in someway. Now there is a novel idea. I think that speaks volumes about the OnLive management’s thinking.

Jo talks about what she might be willing to pay and what types of plans would work for her. The idea of giving premium members a free hour of SL Go per month is floated. That is something that could entice me to go premium. This section of the audio is mostly speculation and wishful thinking. But, I think they make points we are likely to see manifest in RL.

It is funny to listen to two socialists discussing how the free market is likely to reduce the cost of this service.

REMEMBER. SL Go is in BETA. They make the point well in the audio and it is valid point. That means things will change and that probably means price too. I expect things to improve.

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