Retry II SL News 2014-10-3

Whatever, this morning I am reading the meeting transcript. We have good news on Group Ban. Also, there are some serious inventory loss problems afoot. See the heading WARNING.


We know the main channel got the ‘infrastructure’ update previously running on the Blue Steel and Le Tigre. Users are unlikely to see any change.

RC Channels

Magnum remained on the AISv3 project, inventory API changes for bake fail solutions. This needs the Sunshine RC Viewer to be experienced. The Linens were doing a pile-on test Wednesday.


Tankmaster Finesmith is pointing out they have seen some inventory loss in Magnum/Sunshine. He says there are some JIRA entries popping up as people report having lost all their inventory. Alexa Linden is said to be investigating the issue.

Tank goes on to say support, using the inventory fix tools they have, have not been able to restore the inventories. The FS team started seeing the problem when AISv3 was enabled on Magnum.

The amazing Whirly Fizzle, that seems to have a feed from the JIRA to her brain, says this does not seem to be a Magnum problem, meaning it is not likely the server update that is at fault. Those that lost their inventory seem to be those that already had corrupt inventories. It seems they had corrupt inventories and all their inventory disappeared. The All folder from calling cards is in their main inventory folder and the calling cards folder is gone.

Maestro is saying that within the Lab the rumor is I at least some of those experiencing the problem had been running obscure 3rd party viewers.

On a side note Tank has some Interesting things to say about the Darkstorm Viewer.

…one of them [the people losing inventory] was using Darkstorm in the past, so…

But, that’s not to say its related or that the others had [the same viewer] either… Darkstorm is a fork of Firestorm, but with backdoors added to it, obviously not TPV compliant.

That is going to start some drama. The only way to know the truth is to already have a copy of the Darkstorm code from before yesterday and look for the backdoors. But, the web site for Darkstorm has been shut down. This reminds us that one has to be very careful of which viewer they use.

Blue Steel and Le Tigre got a new maintenance project. This release has some bug fixes. Release Notes. The most notable fix is for the problem of the server showing in the viewer’s Help->About as: “error loading release notes”.

Group Ban

Maestro Linden says that the Lab has Group Ban ready to play with on the ADITI grid (preview grid). There is a viewer in the SL Wiki and the feature is live ADITI servers running server version DRTSIM-234 You need a special viewer to try it out:

Maestro points out, once banned from a group, you shouldn’t be able to join [it], regardless of what viewer you’re using. But, sim you’re in will need to support group ban in order to enforce it.

You can read the Group Ban FAQ here. Scroll down to see them. Expect the FAQ to move once the feature is rolled to the main server channel.

There are known issues, but Maestro says they are viewer side, so they’ll get fixed.

There is more UG conversation from when the group moved to a region to test the new Group Ban feature. See: Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2014-03-06. Scroll down until you see the break in chat text.

JIRA Change Implemented

If you don’t already know, this change was implemented, I think, yesterday. So, from this point on all JIRA BUG items will be readable by everyone. This does not mean all projects are open to all users. But the BUG project is now readable for all for newly entered issues.

One part of the implementation is confusing. If you try to access an old BUG item and do not have special permissions the system will tell you it does not exist, rather than more correctly telling you it is a permissions problem. So, there is going to be some confusion.

Also, it seems one needs to be logged in for things to work correctly. You probably know, the JIRA login is the same as your other SL logins. But, you can read some projects, like STORM, without logging in.

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