Second Life News 2014-9

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the main channel will get the update that has run on the RC channels for the last two weeks. This is a small package with a couple of bug fixes. One is ‘logout due to premature region restart’ bug. The other bug fix is for some obscure email issue.

Server-Scripting Meeting 2013-51 - Andrew's last meeting.

Server-Scripting Meeting 2013-51 – Andrew’s last meeting.

RC Channels

Both Blue Steel and Le Tigre will get a new package. The Lindens describe it as an infrastructure update. I have no details on what in the infrastructure the update may be enhancing. We may learn some more tomorrow.

The Magnum channel is getting a different package. This is the package several of us were trying to figure out the status of last week. This package has the AISv3 updates. To make use of the new features you must use the Sunshine Project Viewer.

AISv3 change how the viewer handles inventory with the servers. You won’t see any changes, things should just work better. That is… things like changing clothes.

In the release notes the infrastructure change is included in this version. That leads me to think this is the same infrastructure change running in Blue Steel & Le Tigre. But, that is just a guess for now.


Not much changed. We are down to three RC viewers:

  • HTTP Viewer version
  • Interesting Viewer version
  • Maintenance Viewer version

There are two Project Viewers:

  • Merchant Outbox Viewer version
  • Sunshine Viewer version

The main viewer is: 3.7.2-286707 I was using it on a Windows XP machine and crashing every hour or so. It has been running well on my Win7 64-bit machine.

I find more people are noticing that YouTube and other Flash movies are not working in the viewer. That means a lot of in-world TV’s are broken. This is due to problems in Webkit. I am not sure when we may see a fix.

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