Blog Update 2014-9

I’ve done some more work on my blog. For a time the updates for Followers failed, again. I got that fixed. I think it is still working after my last changes.

The notices fix broke the pages behind the menu items The Stuff and Viewers. Now those pages are fixed and it looks like Follow Notices are still working. Let me know if you do or don’t get notices.

I’ve been looking for a fix for the iPad’s having Google Ads that cover up some of the article text. I can only reproduce the problem on iPads. The problem seems to be in Google’s code. There is a particular page size that is not being handled correctly.

I suppose Samsung and other tablets might have the same problem as they render a page in the size range of iPads. I don’t have access to any of those. Let me know if you are using a tablet and seeing a problem.

I have some hope I may be able to correct it with a CSS change. But, not much. From time to time I’ll work on it. I’m just short time.

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