Second Life News 2014-5

Sever Rolls

Tuesday we got a rollout. This package ran on all three RC channels last week. The package contains only one crash fix. So, this won’t be a noticeable change for most residents.

RC Channels

Once again all three RC channels will get the same package. This one contains very little change. A fix for Linden Scripting Language (LSL) function llModifyLand() and an unnamed bug fix are about it.


The main viewer this morning is still 3.6.13-284995.

RC Viewers

We have 4 RC viewers and 1 Project viewer.

  • Second Life FittedMesh Viewer version
  • Second Life HTTP Viewer version
  • Second Life Interesting Viewer version
  • Second Life Maintenance Viewer version

Project Viewers

  • Second Life Project Merchant Outbox Viewer version

Blog News

Blogs are mostly talking about whether Rod was a good or bad CEO for SL.

Otherwise most are writing about places in SL. The others are writing about fashion. It leaves me wondering what is going on with SL. We hear several projects are ongoing but we are hearing little about them. It seems mostly partying and shopping is what’s going on in SL.

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