Singularity Viewer 1.8.5 Released

This appears to be a significant release of the Singularity Viewer. The release announce is at: Singularity Viewer 1.8.5.

Singularity Viewer

Singularity Viewer

You’ll find the viewer now has a new way to move the avatar around. I am not sure why a new way would be needed unless this is preparation for Oculus Rift. I steer my avatar with a combination of the A, W, S, D keys and the mouse, mostly the W key and mouse. That requires I use both hands. 

I have yet to try Singularity’s new control. But, it sounds like only one hand would be needed for steering the avatar. I’ll have to check it out.

This release includes support for Fitted Mesh. Combined with this change is an ‘improved’ rendering engine with better performance. Singularity already had a reputation for being a faster viewer. I haven’t kept up with it, but faster viewers are key part of a combat-gamer’s tools.

I am not sure what support for Fitted Mesh means in this scenario. Does it mean the new skeleton files have been added? I am sure it does. Is there a new mesh uploader for Fitted Mesh? Probably. Will it correctly render Fitted Mesh? I think that is a near certainty.

The announcement has a good sized list of fixes and improvements.

This sounds like a release worth checking out.

4 thoughts on “Singularity Viewer 1.8.5 Released

  1. There were no changes required for uploading new mesh models with fitted mesh, however, we do need to render the new skeleton correctly and this had some actual code changes.
    I, too, don’t use the new method for motion… my paws are mostly on the keyboard, the mouse sits on the side when I’m not in a first person shooter, keyboard shortcuts are my primary mode… but the reception of this new mouse feature has been phenomenal! I tried it back when Siana implemented it, I really is fun, but not for me. When you get a chance, I suggest giving it a try, you might like it.
    As for Rift support, I don’t remember discussing it, I don’t believe anyone on the team actually owns one.

      • Well, without the hardware to test on for ourselves we’d be (somewhat literally) going in blind.

        If someone wants to work with us on that, well, the patient can join us in IRC, perhaps something could be done.
        For now, existing users seem content without it.

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