Drax Files Radio Hour #1

31:00 – Politics in Second Life™. Nazi Disney-like park. Easy to find dark side groups.

This is a short section where Drax and Jo are pointing out some of the dark groups that exist within Second Life. The German Constitution allows prohibiting extremist groups, but it is the government that decides what is extremist.

In general we have and various groups have more freedom in Second Life than RL, which is sad. That free has its down side, but nothing like the down side of subjugation. One has to decide if they are pro freedom or not.

34:00 – How much information do we give away.

34:30 – Lily Allen and bitcoins vs L$.

Lily Allen - Bitcoin

Lily Allen – Bitcoin

I see this as a really silly nonevent. But, as is pointed out in the podcast this did get Second Life a bunch of publicity.

36:30 – Fitted Mesh interview w/tyr rozenblum. Good history recount. Weak on tech accuracy. CBone – Collision bones. Good recount of current problems. 41:30 eboni khan on Liquid Mesh verses Fitted Mesh. Drax has several good links. 44:00 real problem is with avatar. Good recounting of the problems we face now. 47:00 cathy foil on Mesh Deformer (Maya) and Fitted Mesh. A good explanation of why the Deformer is better for making body replacement parts. Cathy will have you wanting the Deformer. 51:00 Linden decision final. 51:30 Drax and Jo discussing.

I think people will find this the most valuable part of the podcast. But, I’m more into the technical side of Second Life than most.

Cathy Foil does a great job explaining why the Mesh Deformer has some advantages over Fitted Mesh. Ebony Khan well explains the difference between Liquid Mesh and Fitted Mesh.

Tyr Rozenblum provides a pretty accurate history showing how we got where we are.

Even if you think you’re pretty well got down Liquid and Fitted Mesh this section will probably give you some insights you have overlooked. It did for me.

53:30 – The Pod cast starts to wrap up. Drax announces people are asking he and Jo discuss griefing. So, coverage on Griefing is coming. A few other things then some outtakes from: Drax Files:World Makers Episode 15. Outtakes means stuff you didn’t hear in the 5 minute episode 15.

59:30 – I think it is Drax’s son that read the credits at the end. Nice touch.

My Take

Drax is talented and the show is well done. His editing keeps the show very much on point… well.. that may be misleading. Subjects still tend to wonder. But, the editing keeps the podcast to the line of interesting discussion. This is an hour of solidly packed information that kept my interest.

I suspect Drax edited out what he considers to be the fluff. Whether he did or not, the result is lively and fast-moving. I was actually surprised when the podcast was over. It went too quickly.

Jo Yardley I find interesting and enjoy hearing her thoughts on things. I have been exploring her 1920’s Berlin and building a wardrobe suitable for day time there. I find her pragmatic, realistic, and a nice person.

I thought about what I might change in a podcast like this. If I were to ask for something different, it would be to have a bit more Jo Yardley in the discussion. However, in the next podcast we should also be hearing from Inara Pey. That should shift the dynamic a bit. I’m looking forward to seeing how that goes.

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