Stroker ‘s Sexpo 2013

Vivienne Daguerre gave me a heads up that Stroker Serpentine is back in Second Life and active. See her article: Sexpo 2013.

There is a whole big dramatic story around Stroker Serpentine and his sex toys and furniture business. He left SL for a time. Now it seems he has decided to come back. In September 2011 I wrote: Shockwaves in Second Life about his giving away his top of the line sex bed animations and leaving.

To mark his return Stroker is promoting Sexpo 2013. It starts December 21 and runs for a month to January 15. It is at: Strokerz Toyz. The region is open now. Many stores are populated. Some are still being moved into. It appears most of the shops are rented. But, there are a few available. It is probably fair to consider the region under construction.

Vivienne Daguerre has a shop at #211. That LM will work to get you there. If they change the landing point, it will at least put a beacon on the shop.

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