Shockwaves in Second Life

End of SexGen?

The Alphaville Herald has a story about Stroker Serpentine leaving Second Life and making his Cadillac of sex beds, the SexGen Ultra 600,flagship of his SexGen line, available for free. Yes, for free. This was a multi-thousand L$ product.

Think about what that will do to other sex bed makers and the makers of sex animations. For them this is disaster, economic chaos. At least many are spinning it that way. When one considers there are entrepreneurs that sell prim cubes to noobies for L$100 one gives less credit to the sky-is-falling screams.

As The Herald points out, some regions pay tier from sales of their sex products. This release will impact many of them and we may lose a number of regions… or not. Only time will tell. But, it seems likely to me.

Read the article here: Free Sex Beds

There is lots of drama in the issue and RL lawsuits.  Some of the drama is… discussed… here: Jumpman Lane – The “Kang” of Second Life. This is an interview that appears in the Alphaville Herald. You’ll have to decide who is telling which truth or building drama and ego or whatever else you can read into it. I have no clue.

Getting the Free Goodies

The free stuff is sitting here:

It is not crowded but I found it very laggy. My Dolphin Viewer 3 had trouble. I went back with my SLV Dev 3 and things worked better… but that could have just been from the relog.

Several people have picked up the free SexGen Ultra Base v5  and are selling it in various places for L$100. I suppose others will repackage and sell it for more.

General Discussion

There are threads in the SL Forum about the departure of Stroker and his making all the products full perm. See Stroker Serpentine has gone?

The thread starts off with an ‘Is this true”? question, then progresses through facts and speculation. It contains a quote from Stroker, but I can find and confirm it.

“It’s true I am leaving Second Life. I have made many friends here and I hope that we’ll all be together in the Third Life. I am placing the SexGen base full perm to any who would like to use it in their builds. I’ll be closing the groups and returning my sim soon, so come and get it quick. Feel free to share it. It’s been a grand adventure and I wish you all the naughty fun you can have with it. Until then, be good to each other.”

If you read Prokofy, she has articles up about the… event?

Discussion on SLUniverse gets into residents reactions. See:  Feeling virtual loss so acutely (re: Stroker)

Stroker’s Twitter link is here: Twitter/Stroker


There is probably some moral in this story…

 UPDATE: Shug Maitland has written and interesting post about SexGen and the apparent successor NeoLove run by or involved in some way  is Corsi Mousehold. The point is well made that this too shall pass.

It is important to understand that Ultra 600 v5 (free) and v6 (pay for) are not the same products. Corsi Mousehold has upgraded and repaired scripts since Stroker stopped advancing the product. Also more animations have been added. Plus, one can get support from Corsi for purchased v6 copies.


One thought on “Shockwaves in Second Life

  1. Stroker Serpentine
    say FREE SEX FOR ALL! 01-26-2009, 03:05 PM

    2. I am going to FULL PERM SexGen. I will flood the grid with it. Just as the MLP system that contains the animations that were never intended to be resold has flooded the grid. SL Forums However, I am going to license EVERY SINGLE copy. I am going to dedicate a team of employees to scour the grid for illegal copies. Since we have a trademark and the DMCA is our last great hope, I will have Linden Lab track down and remove every single UUID that violates our license. I have that right? Yes? Again..BAN ME!


    Nal’s Edit: The above is a quote from a 2009 post. It is debatable whether this out burst by Stroker over using bots for traffic is in or out of context for this article.

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