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VoidPointer Linden is telling us Oculus Rift support is now feature complete. We should see it release Linden ‘soon’. Apparently he is one of the ones working on Oculus and the Viewer.

If you are not using Oculus then there is no apparent change to the viewer.

When asked Void answered things look ‘really’ cool. He also mentioned he was using Oculus during the meeting. If you have seen Void’s avatar, you can imagine that it would be pretty awesome.

Apparently no one has tossed their cookies in testing.

Void says he has a pretty hot machine, but he is getting close to his normal FPS. So, it may not be that much of an additional load. But, it will be another machine by machine thing.

Void is keeping it a secret what they have done with the viewer control panels. We have to wait for the release and official notice. The same with what he is using for a controller, mouse, LEAP, something else… no word.

Watch for the official announcement. It is hard to predict when that might be. I am guessing not before January.

PS: it works with shutter  glasses.



14 thoughts on “Breaking Oculus news

  1. I really should try sneaking into the meetings where these things are discussed!
    Great news 🙂
    I’ll reblog with link.

    Who is Void Pointer Linden?
    Strange name I can’t find anywhere.

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  4. Well, as Oculus Rift is still only a developers kit which would run on <5% of existing users kit, while I will applaud LL for getting onboard early I will wait until 2014 and a full release occurs.

    • Seems reasonable. I won’t be buying a developers kit. I plan to wait for the retail release.

      I did get a LEAP controller. I thought it would be great fun. It hasn’t been. Especially with SL, it has been a disappointment. The new learning curve has no related use-model to build on. I think it needs time for developers to figure out how people will use it and for users to figure out what works, somewhat a Catch-22. So, I still have hope for its future.

      I am hoping the Rift will be more intuitive.

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