Second Life News 2013-49 #2

Tuesday the viewers on the RC Viewers’ page updated. We have two new RC viewers added. One is a Maintenance Viewer The other is the Name Fix Viewer

The Maintenance Viewer has 29 fixes. You can read about them in the release notes. One of the fixes solves problems with how names render in the chat floater. Problems with the Current Outfit Folder not displaying in viewers with the new Chat Hud UI are solved. Also the problem of the CHUI being moved below the bottom buttons and lost is fixed.

There are other fixes but none all that interesting. Plus the Lindens use JIRA MAINT item ID’s. these are only readable by Lindens. That limits the usefulness and interest in the fixes.

There are currently 8 known issues that have not been resolved. Several of these have to do with how ‘bumpiness’ and transparency render.

The Name Fix Viewer is a change that has to do with how those making viewers name their viewers. The change is important for TPV Dev’s and the Lab. It allows them to more easily track bugs and separate the tracking data by viewer version. For the rest of us this is an invisible change. Eventually we will see it improve viewer development.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Interesting RC Viewer and Fitted Mesh Project Viewer remain unchanged.

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