Fitted Mesh Update 2013-49

Machinimatrix has released a new test version of AVASTAR: avastar-1-1-910_blender-2-64. You can get it from your personal Avastar download link.

(Forum discussion of video – 2012)

This update adds 7 Collision Bones:

  • BUTT

Along with the bones a tool for copying weights from ‘deformation’ bones to ‘collision’ bones has been added. Instructions for using the tool can be found here: Avastar new testversion for “Fitted Mesh”. Gaia says this tool does not so much copy the information as rename the weight groups. This is something you can do with just Blender and something I was experimenting with. 

Gaia brings up the concept of Bias bones. I was not sure what is meant by ‘BIAS Bones’. I think this used to have something to do with using attachment points and/or morph groups to get animated mesh. But, Gaia has renamed what Avastar previously labeled Deform bones (in recent test versions of Avastar) and before that SL Bones. So, Bias Bones in Avastar are the 26 basic bones we have considered the SL avatar skeleton which we used for rigging and animation.

What is now labeled Deform is the complete set of bones that can now be used for animating and rigging. I think that includes all the basic and collision bones plus the new collision bones.


There are groups that still want more than just the Fitted Mesh changes. That is normal. Some groups want the Lab to change to the Mesh Deformer (Karl’s) and others want  both the Deformer and Fitted to co-exist. I think both of those options would create far too much confusion for those learning mesh clothes making and in the market place for those trying to purchase clothes that fit.

Mona Eberhardt wrote: The Mesh Deformer is dead, long live Fitted Mesh. She explains some of the history of the Mesh Deformer and the release of Fitted Mesh. It is a good short summary of the Mesh Deformer, if you are new to the discussion.

She missed some concepts in regard to the Deformer capable mesh clothes; she says they don’t work with Avatar Physics, boobie bounce – they do and that the Deformer added lag – which Karl pointed out could be fixed and even unfixed was insignificant. Kelly_O challenges her in the comments and refers her to Karl’s blog, JIRA, and specific videos made by Karl. But, these two issues are only a small part of her well explained side of the debate.

Kelly_O defends his thinking that the Deformer is the ‘right’ solution pretty well. So, Mona’s article is a good place for getting an overview of both sides of the debate. If you want to get into the gory details of the Mesh Deformer’s history click DEFORMER in the tags over on the right.

But, the debate is for all practical purposes moot. Fitted Mesh is here to stay, unless someone can show significant problems and enough people start complaining. A couple of weeks into things it doesn’t look like that is probable. So, far there are only 11 issues filed  in FITMESH.

While I think many people are interested in mesh clothes, it looks like only 150 to 300 people are interested in the technicalities of how mesh clothes are made. I suspect that will not be enough people to change the Lab’s thinking on Fitted Mesh. So, it appears to be here to stay.

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