Kokua Viewer 3.6.6 Released

Kokua/Imprudence Viewers

Kokua/Imprudence Viewers

A new Kokua viewer is out. This version has an OpenSim fix for the 4096 Bug. That is going to make lots of OS users happy.  Latif Khalifa, the Singularity Viewer developer, made a patch that fixed the issue. The patch was distributed to Kokua and Firestorm. So, three of the popular viewers in use on OS grids will have the fix.

The 4096 Bug is a long known bug that prevents the user from teleporting more than 4096 grid locations from their current location. It has been very annoying as large grids had to develop jump points, sort of half-way points one teleports to so they can reach their real destination.

Grid locations are a basic 2D X,Y coordinate system. Just as we have 3D X,Y,Z locations within a region, the region is located on a 2D GRID, which is why we call these grids. The actual locations in the grid-region system is GRID: X,Y plus REGION X,Y,Z. If the distance from GRID:X1,Y1 to GRID:X2,Y2 is more than 4096 units the teleport fails. We don’t normally see the GRID:X,Y values.

Whatever, this is a really nice fix for OS users.

This version of Kokua updates to use the SL Viewer code base 3.6.6 which has materials fixes.

There are about a dozen other fixes/features. See: Kokua-3-6-6 is released


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