Second Life News 2013-38

The information on server updates is out. The main channel will be getting an update. The package from the Magnum RC channel is being promoted. This is the package that has improved asset fetching and preparatory work for future improvements. You can read the release notes here: Second Life Server

I doubt we will see much improvement in asset fetching performance. It may look like it, but what we will be seeing is more an improvement from increased reliability and less wasted server effort. It is sort like the speed limit on the highway hasn’t increased, but there are fewer wrecks. So, things get there sooner.

This package also has the ‘GetMesh2’ api/function. You may remember reading that users were setting their viewers to use ridiculously high values for MeshMaxConcurrentRequests. This is a step in changing how the system handles Mesh Downloading. 

This new function uses a pipeline connection. It is a ‘keep alive’ channel that numerous requests can use sequentially without the overhead of opening and closing connections. If I remember correctly, we need a viewer side change before this server change will have a visible effect. I’m not sure when we will see that viewer hit the viewer’s RC pipeline.

Blue Steel and & Le Tigre

These two channels will r un the same package as last week with some upgrades. Of course the Magnum package rolling to the main channel will be added in. You can read the release notes here: Second Life RC BlueSteel

This package has the llXorBase64() BUG-3763llXorBase64 produce different result of llXorBase64StringsCorrect fix included.

Other fixes included:

  • The package gets new features related to a voice fix and Parcel Return. The parcel return features fixes situations where auto-return could be circumvented. So, the simulator now blocks certain scripted rezzers from defeating parcel object return.


The channel gets new package made up of the roll out, all the stuff running in Blue Steel/Le Tigre, and additional fixes for various problems causing region crashes.

The most notable addition is: Users who are on a parcel’s “Allowed Access” list now correctly bypass other parcel restrictions (such as “Payment Info On File”) when entering the parcel.

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