Second Life News 2013-37 #3

It seems because of the voice update, every simulator server and voice related server in the system had to be restarted. So, rather than restart RC regions twice this week, the Lindens decided to do all the rolls and restarts in one pass.

This process started about 2 AM PDT. They completed the roll about 10 AM PDT.

Blue Steel – Le Tigre: The interesting bit about this package is there is threaded region crossing code for vehicles. This information did not make it into the release notes. So, there is going to be some confusion as to whether it is there or not in some minds. But, Simon Linden is clear that the crossing code did make it to the RC.

Andrew defines it a bit better saying, “…the data streaming on the way OUT of the region is now threaded, which doesn’t make the crossing any faster, but may reduce lag spikes as witnessed by everyone else.” 

Kelly Linden expanded that a bit farther, “The threading change Simon mentioned moves vehicle serialization only into the same thread as agent serialization to fix a rare server crash mode due to a race condition serializing scripts in some very specific cases.”

There was consideration given to whether to limit the new auto-return behavior (new as in fixed) should have an exception for ‘attended’ verse ‘unattended’ replicators. The decision was not to open that exception. Andrew explained some of the reasoning, “Since it causes inconsistent behavior: different auto-return times depending on whether the owner is present or not can lead to confusion and also it would bypass the spirit of the auto-return feature which parcel owners are expecting — that objects get auto-returned.”

Group Bans

Baker Linden updated us on his work, “I’m finishing the last touches for group ban before I push it out to RC.  It’ll still be a few weeks, but I’m planning on having it on Aditi by the end of the month, that’s all I got.”

Baker is sticking his neck out a bit. But, he is relatively new and has yet to get his head cutoff.

He says there will be a test viewer. Whether that will be an RC viewer or a Project Viewer he didn’t say.

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