DGP4SL Store Closing

Darrius Gothly has closed up his in-world store due to the region owner/landlord running into problems.

Also, he is closing up his Market Place store in preparation to leaving Second Life™. Various subscription services are being withdrawn from the market. Subscriptions will not be renewed. Once they have all expired, Darrius is planning on departing SL.

DGP4Sl Gone...

DGP4SL Gone…

You can read his posting: Endings … And Beginnings.

Darrius sees things as many do that leave SL. He perceives the management of SL as messing things up and wanting to abandon SL and move on to new products. I think he is nuts. But, humans are capable of seeing only what they want to see. In spite of mountain ranges of evidence contrary to their opinions. 

Let’s see, I have a product that is a cash cow now and products that have yet to start making any money. The new products are a drain on the bank account, for now. Does anyone out there really think a rational CEO would abandon their multi-million dollar cash cow?

We know from various Lindens that almost none of the Linden staff working on SL has moved to working on the new products. We also know from previous Rod comments and other insiders to the Lab they have about 200 employees and are hiring. Those 200 employees are a significant cost. Anyone think they work for minimum wage? If Rod were abandoning SL, would those employees be retained?

I’ve seen some people write some insane things. But, this post seems to have the least contact with reality that I’ve seen for some time. Well… not counting political propaganda iRL.


Immerse Store

Immerse Store

Some other stores in the region are having 50% off sales. The clothing and furniture store Immerse, for instance.



One thought on “DGP4SL Store Closing

  1. One reason I’ve never been able to motivate myself to become much of an SL merchant is it keeps me from evaluating SL’s worth from a position of “my shop is doing well or poorly, so SL must be great or suck.”

    As a resident who simply buys too much and owns too much land, I can evaluate it from the position of “I still love the things I have in SL, the people I know in SL, and the stuff I can do in SL.”

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