Second Life News 2013-31 #2

I’m lagging on the news. But, there isn’t much happening… well that affects us. The Lindens are busy. It is just stuff is in testing and incomplete.


The main channel and Blue Steel and Magnum got the roll outs we were anticipating. But, the Blue Steel roll out did not happen. The package planned for it failed internal QA testing and was held back. So, Blue Steal is running the same version as the main channel.

We found out Thursday that the main channel updates for faster texture retrievals cannot be used by the current viewers. However, the code to take advantage of that change is in the pipeline, somewhere. 

Animation Sync

Maestro and Alexa Linden were looking at the animation sync issues. They were finding the problem extends back to server versions from back in 2012. Maestro reports, “if you have a bunch of avatars dancing ‘in phase’ via LSL script and one of them moves his camera such that all the avatars are off-camera for a while, when he returns his camera to focus on the group, he sees his own animations as being out of sync with the others.

We see the same behavior in [a] November 2012 version on Aditi, and also when using the 1.23 viewer.

I think that bug is either related to or identical to VWR-10578.

There were some reports recently that it suddenly got bad in early June, which may correspond to the interest list release: Second Life Server 13# However, we don’t seem to have nailed the repro steps for it, just yet.”

Some testing was done at the meeting. They found that even if you never take your eyes off the group they get out of sync.

A possible solution is ‘Re-Sync’ button in the viewer… For now they are looking to see how to keep animations in sync.

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