Second Life News 2013-24 #4

Thursday we got some news on the recent rollout. The Main channel rolled as planned. The Blue Steel and Le Tigre rollouts didn’t last the day. In just a couple of hours they were rolled back. So, now those two release channels are running the same software as is on the Magnum channel.

Server Beta 2013-24

Server Beta 2013-24

Magnum is running the planned rollout, Interest List and fixes.

Wednesday Maestro Linden posted: “BUG-2850 is severe enough by itself to warrant a rollback – Le Tigre and Blue Steel are rolling to the same version as Magnum.” 

BUG-2850Cannot rez objects in Blue Steel and Le Tigre parcels which disallow object entry.

Description: I am in a region with Create Objects allowed for all residents. Object entry is not allowed.
When i press a button on my hud, the hud is supposed to rez a teleporter. I got the message: Can’t rez object ‘teleporter’ at { 128.864, 127.521, 22.412 } on parcel ‘Blue Steel RC Sandbox 1’ in region Blue Steel Sandbox 1 because the owner of this land does not allow it. Use the land tool to see land ownership

Maestro Linden described it this way, “Unfortunately, we discovered an issue with the Le Tigre and Blue Steel update, it turned out that if a parcel allowed build but disallowed object entry for your avatar, then your avatar would not be able to rez from agent inventory into the parcel, and your scripted objects (like the popgun) would also be unable to rez.

[also] rezzing in some group-owned parcels required your avatar to have the parcel’s group active, which is not usually a requirement.

Also BUG-2833llRequestURL issues in certain regions didn’t clear up as hoped with the recent fixes. It was thought that with the massive disconnection fixes this problem would be fixed too. Kelly Linden is looking at this problem and the Lindens how to have a fix soon, may be in time for roll to a release channel next week.

There is still an invisible avatar problem. Some can reproduce the problem by tp’ing into a region at a high elevation with a low draw distance, increase draw distance then move down to the ground. The people seeing this say the avatars do not render even when they wait some time. As yet I don’t think users or Lindens have decided if it is a problem to a specific viewer brand or is happening in all viewers. But, for now it is thought it is a viewer problem.

Group Ban Lists

This is a feature project that Baker Linden was working on, but shelved it to complete work on a fix for Mute Lists. The fix had to do with spaces in avatar names. That seems to be fixed and is going through QA. This let’s Baker return to working on the Ban Lists for groups.

LSL Object Return

There is a problem with the new LSL function for scripted object return; llReturnObjectsByID. In the initial Blue Steel & Le Tigre roll the function was disabled and returns an error. This was because they found an issue with the scripter returning or granting permissions to return the land owner’s stuff. So, that is not going to be possible in the final version. It should be back next week.

The ByID is also disabled on ADITI as that is where they were testing the ‘disable’ code.

There has been some desire to have the return-throttle limit increased. Kelly Linden plans to keep the limit as is until they have used it for a time and have some cases where people hit the limit. Kelly feels that with parcel return and the scripts the limit should be adequate.

Feature Requests

You probably know that feature requests are submitted as a BUG report. Ideally people include the words ‘Feature Request’ in the title. Those requests are quickly triaged and marked: not a bug. Don’t freak out. This just gets the request out of the fixers’ way and allows those working with requests to find them.

This is one of those things people have to know. If they take things at face value, they will make mistaken assumptions.


A question came up as to whether texture animations on different faces could be animated. Imagine a mesh item with eight faces all with animated textures. It would be nice if one could be assured that animations on those faces could be sync’d. It would allow for some interesting effects.

It is a viewer side thing. The server guys think that if one waits until all the needed textures and items are downloaded it should be possible to sync the faces. But, there is nothing to maintain the sync.

Andrew Linden said, “So if the updates for all the prims arrive at the exact same frame, and the viewer processes them all within that frame, then I would expect the animations to run in lock-step.”

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  1. Wow… so the fix for mute list took Baker over a month to work on it?

    I hope he was busy doing other things too… because I would have fixed it within a day.

    • It is really neat how people think they know what was being done or how the SL system works…

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