New LSL Functions Coming

Kelly Linden let us know he is working on two new additions to the LSL (Linden Scripting Language). They are:



The functions require the prim containing the script be owned by parcel owner or estate manager. The function only operates on objects on land in the same region/parcel as the script.

The ByOwner version takes a scope flag of PARCEL, PARCEL_OWNER or REGION (only usable by estate managers). They require a runtime permission (PERMISSION_RETURN_OBJECTS). This permission is *special* and the permission can be asked of and granted by group owners to operate on group owned land.

They do not handle encroachment.

The functions will return the number of objects returned OR an error code.

There is a throttle on the number of objects allowed in your parcel-pool per hour. If your parcel has a limit of 2000 you can return 2000 objects per hour.

llReturnObjectsByOwner cannot return objects owned by the parcel owner or estate managers.

llReturnObjectsByOwner will return all objects owned by the ID specified – for example Maestro could return all objects owned by Kelly on Maestro’s parcels with 1 call.

These should be a welcome addition to SL. It will make it much easier for land owners to deal with griefers. Kelly does not have an ETA, normal. But, since we are haring about them, they are close to candidate release.

3 thoughts on “New LSL Functions Coming

    • It won’t. But, the new particle selection feature in the viewer will help with that. You will be able to select particles and get the owner and source. This has been developed server side. We are waiting on viewer development now.

      Still nothing is going to let you return something on someone else’s land.

  1. Very useful.

    It’s been slow going, but over the last few years a lot of LSL functions have been added to do things we’ve relied on bots for in the past. I hope the trend keeps up to the point bots aren’t needed at all for land and group administration.

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