Philip on High Fidelity

There are little bits of information that popup all over. On cNET there is an article about an interview with Philip: Philip Rosedale’s Second Life with High Fidelity.

The author’s (Dan Farber) take in the article is what High Fidelity is has not yet been determined. Really? I’ve been hearing things that have me thinking it will be a virtual world with less lag, more detail, and a better user interface.

In this article Philip says High Fidelity will be a mix of virtual world and augmented reality that will surpass the real world. There are aspects of human interaction that Philip does not believe can be captured. Think: smell.

Philip also thinks that eventually mobile devices will be able to interact with large data sets… massively detailed virtual worlds. He is thinking 5 years out.

I will point out that nVidia is taking on building video processors for Android. That should lead to lower power consumption video chips and better graphics on mobile devices.

We also find out that Philip has 10 people working on the High Fidelity project.

One thought on “Philip on High Fidelity

  1. It actually is kind of hard to say where High Fidelity will end up. It’s all still experimental, and it’s hard to say where things will end up. Latency is a key aspect of the transmission side of the simulation, which is to say when you move your head in real life the latency for when that’s displayed in-world has to be super-low. That much is a definite goal, interaction latency needs to be obscenely small to ensure that people can have as seamless of an experience as possible with respect to virtual reality.

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