Second Life News 2013-22

You have probably figured out there is no roll or restart today. Because of the US holiday Memorial Day the rolls have been pushed back a day. The roll the main channel will happen on Wednesday. The RC rolls will happen on Thursday.

Main Channel

The main channel is getting the package running on the Magnum channel. This is the JSON package with a couple of fixes to JSON so that it properly handles quoted information. There are some other fixes; 2 crash modes are fixed and the ground sit fix for the ‘stand button’ is fixed.

Release Channels

This week all three channels will run the same package, at least that is what the Lindens were planning pre-holiday.

The package ran on Le Tigre last week. This is a package with Interest List fixes/improvements. Supposedly things will load a hair faster when you arrive in a region for the first time. It also includes another crash mode fix.

Other Stuff

There are a few complaints that region crossings have degraded. I haven’t seen that, but I seldom use vehicles.

A number of new users are running into extended bake fail for the first time. They post in forum and Answers asking what wrong. Seems like fewer of the Answers Helpers are reading the forum recently. So, I’ve seen some really dumb suggestions from relatively new users on how to fix the problem. Hopefully SSA will roll out in the next couple of weeks.


The word is that the code has rolled to the main grid and all channels there. This is a feature that can be enabled and disabled region by region. Word is no main grid regions are enabled, yet. Everyone I have asked about AGNI regions being enabled has referred me to Nyx Linden. So, I may learn something today.




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