Blender Accepted to Summer of Code 2013

Summer of Code 2013

Summer of Code 2013

Google Inc. sponsors Summer of Code (SoC) each year for students over age 18. For those under 18 they sponsor Code-In. This year 15 Blender projects have been included in the mix of SoC projects. They are:

  1. Painting tool improvements
  2. Sketch Mesh Editing
  3. VSE Improvements
  4. Dependency Graph and Evaluation Engine Refactor
  5. BGE Level of Detail and Bug Fixing/Polishing
  6. Deformation Motion Blur
  7. Improved Debugging and Profiling in BGE
  8. Viewport FX II
  9. Expand and improve Blender’s motion tracking module
  10. Texturing for Volume Rendering in Cycles
  11. Rigid Body Simulation Improvements
  12. Threaded dependency graph
  13. Cycles – Add new shader nodes and shading features
  14. Towards a full action replay system
  15. Mesh Custom-Data Transfer

I’m not sure how many of these projects will directly affect the Second Life™ community. You can read more about each project on the SoC pages: Accepted Blender Projects. Click the project description to get more information.

Congratulations Blender guys and thanks Google.

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