SL Landing Point Orientation

Is that an obscure enough title?  You may have noticed that the direction your avatar faces at Landing Point Hubs has changed behavior since Tueday. Until now an avatar always rezzed facing east. This was a bug. The server is supposed to pass along data to the viewer that specifies which way the avatar faces.

Server Beta Meeting 2013-19

Server Beta Meeting 2013-19

The point was that people could tp in and the land owner could set the Landing Point’s to face the avatar the right, or convenient, direction. See: About Land. I don’t see how direction can be set. But, I am not a land owner. I think it has to do with which way your avatar is facing when you set the landing point.

Maestro also tells us that there is a viewer update in the pipeline which shows the heading of a parcel’s landing point. That could explain my confusion about how it is set.

Also, if we are facing, say, northwest before we teleport we should be facing northwest after we arrive, unless we are routed to a landing hub/point. Then we will face whichever direction the hub is set to face us.

There is still an exception that Maestro Linden thinks is a bug. If you have a beacon set, your avatar will face the beacon. I think that is how it should be. But, there is some debate about whether the exception should override a Hub setting.

There is also some debate about whether a beacon should be in the same region to override a Hub setting.

However, it comes down the feedback at the Server Beta Meeting was that people should mostly face the beacon.

Because of the always-land-facing-east bug, people have built regions based on that always east criteria. Landing points are placed west of the shops, so the avatar facing east sees the shops. We will see that start to change.

If you are an Estate Managers, try out the new fix. File a JIRA, if it isn’t behaving as you think it should.


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