Second Life News 2013-19 #2

Server & Scripting Meeting 2013-19

Server & Scripting Meeting 2013-19

AO Functions

You’ll know they are there, if they work. I think Maestro Linden means they are grid wide now. He explained it this way:

Ah, see the next line, Inara:

* Changes since
** Includes changes from Second Life Server

That version has all the AO goodies.  I’m removing the “Changes since” section from the release notes to prevent further confusion.

Direct Delivery

I don’t say much about the Market Place. It is too frustrating and the Lindens working on it stay hidden. But, this morning I see new forum posts about the SL Market Place Product Reviews not working. One person wanted to leave a comment on their product about a problem mentioned in a review being corrected. They couldn’t.

Another wanted to update their review of a product and they couldn’t. Seems the EDIT button is gone now. One must delete their review and write a new one. Another just wanted to leave a review and could not.

Not everyone runs into these problems. If you do, be sure to include the time of day and your computer’s location, like may be California or Brazil… and file a JIRA.

Yet another person was trying to figure out why a nice dress kept getting reclassified as Adult content. As best I can tell no one has figured out what it is in the description that triggers the reclassification. The dress is cute not provocative. The Lab keeps their trigger words secret, which users find frustrating.

Direct Delivery is now the way of the Market Place. Only limited count products can be sold from a Magic Box. All unlimited quantity products must be listed via Direct Delivery, which started April 16.

Rendering Rezzing Problems

I see people talking about the render problem that I’ve written about. This is the one where things do not render until you click on them or press Ctrl-Alt-R to change in and out of wireframe view. A person can also turn the Atmospheric Shaders on and off in Preferences – Graphics. That render problem is still with us. It comes from the Interest List changes and the Lab is working on it. They think they have a fix, but other complications have kept it out of the viewer.

Andrew Linden said, “We were having trouble reproducing it on one of our more recent viewers. The viewer that will eventually go along with the recent interest list fixes, is currently stalled for a mysterious crash bug.

We think the “right click to make the object show up” bug is related to loading of object cache in the viewer and that loading code has had an overhaul in this recent viewer project. So, we think the bug is fixed there but we have yet to test it a lot. Because there is a crash bug we’re still trying to track down.

Some number of other people are seeing items completely fail to rez. They can’t get clothing attachments to attach and rez. Others cannot get a chair, box, or whatever to rez when taking them from inventory. That is a different problem than the above render problem. I can’t tell yet if this is just a Tuesday/Wednesday-restart sort of thing or something more.

Others cannot get textures to download. I ran into that yesterday with the Dev-Viewer 3.5.2 (274629) Apr 23. I’ve seen slow loading textures before. I’ve read of Honour’s problems waiting for textures to load so she could take pictures. But, this was simply textures not loading.

You can watch what the viewer is doing with textures by pressing Ctrl-Shift-3. I have seen the list completely empty while the world around me was grey and sculpties were balls or spiky triangles.

This all gets blamed on the Interest List changes. But, it has been pointed out this problem existed in a lesser degree long before the Interest List changes started. So, this is a viewer bug that the new Interest List aggravates.

Outfit Fails

I wrote about this problem in Second Life Baking Dance. Today I ran into it. I changed a top by clicking WEAR in my inventory. Nothing happened. I right clicked the avatar then Take-Off, Clothes, Shirt and nothing happened, at least nothing I could see.

After playing with things for a time, couple of minutes, I right-clicked my avatar and selected Edit-My-Outfit. I was instantly topless. So, the Take-Off had worked, I just could not see it.

Then I could not wear a new top. I tried WEAR with a couple of different tops. Then I tried ADDing a top. Nothing seemed to work.

I re-logged and found I was wearing the top I put on with WEAR and all the tops I added.

More playing and soon I couldn’t get my pants changed. I went into Edit-My-Outfit and could not WEAR any new pants. :/ I finally gave up and exited Edit Appearance. Poof my pants were different. But, on my next login I was surprised to see my Outfits-WEARING was showing I was wearing 3 pair of pants.

While all this was with the Dev-Viewer 3.5.2 (274629), it shows there are some changes coming. So, if clothing changes seem to stop working, go in and out of Edit-My-Outfit. That should force the viewer into local mode for avatar rendering or at least force an update. But, you may have to re-log to see what you are actually wearing.

This problem may rollout with the SL Viewers or it may get fixed before the roll. It depends how serious the Lindens think the problem is and how pressed they are for time. Nyx wasn’t giving any date for an ETA on SSA when asked Monday, so they may get it handled.

The new multi-channel testing for viewers should take some pressure off the Dev’s working on viewer changes. We haven’t seen the full implementation of that process yet, so we can’t tell what’s going on. But, less pressure may mean more small problems get fixed.

Things Fail

Andrew Linden is rounding up Meeroos for tests on ADITI. His Interest List has a problem with moving things that move from behind an avatar into the field of view. He is hoping he can get the fix working by next week.

Objects on Borders

There has been a problem with griefer objects that sit on region borders. They have been difficult to impossible to return. The fix for that problem was thought to have rolled to the main channel Tuesday. The note about it is NOT in the release notes. Andrew checked saying, “It appears that ‘return of objects at region border’ bug fix is not deployed at the moment, as far as I can tell.” So, seems we are still stuck with it.

Epilepsy Spinning/Flashing

Griefers are dropping these annoying and to some dangerous objects around. Simon Linden says they are working on something to reduce or stop that problem.


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