SL10B Announced

Daniel Voyager has an article out about the coming 10th birthday of Second Life™, SL10B.

The ‘official’ announcement is here: The SL10B Community Event is coming!

Second Life 10th Brithday

SL10B Banner

The domain is owned by someone in Scottsdale, Arizona. The registration is classed as private, so no company or individual’s name shows up, that sort of makes sense for a resident sponsored group. But, it is also not very transparent. I don’t see anything on the SL Blog yet. 

The video shows some of the right people are involved.  So, I am sure we will hear more with time. Check out Daniel’s coverage. He is more into events than I am.

9 thoughts on “SL10B Announced

  1. Right people? Erm… all four of those characters in the silly video are me. And I’m hardly ever right. 😉

    The domain name and the site were registered through KT at Wild West Domains with personal funds, and KT marked ’em as private with Domains By Proxy to protect their RL info. Domains By Proxy is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    I know that Blogger instinct… there’s a tendency to question everything and look for things that ren’t there… been there, done that myself.

    Perhaps that instinct can be channeled to help with SL10B? If you’ve got the time, maybe you’d like to volunteer for the PR team alongside Saffia? Or when the exhibitors are out building, help out with the Compliance team to ensure they’re following those rules about no-ads/no-commerce and such?


    • I am very jaded when it comes to trusting anything online.

      So… you’re telling me all the right people are crap?

      I don’t get into event promotion unless it is a cause I support. But, I do usually cover announcements on SLxB’s and point people to where they can get more info.

      Thanks for posting more info.

  2. The organising group behind SL10B is more-or-less the same as the team behind SL9B, including Doc Gascoigne, Diane Renior, Saffia Widdershins, Honour McMillan, Marianne McCann – and more.

    There’s no announcement on the SL Blog as, once again, this is not an LLs-ponsored event, and while we’re getting an earlier start on things than last year, it’s potentially a little too early in the day for LL to blog / comment. Nevertheless, we are keeping LL informed as to what is going on. Doc is handling things from a in-world perspective, and I’ve been asked to handle liaison regarding outward-facing PR about the event (i.e. PR which goes to real-world media), working with Pete Linden.

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  4. The reasoning behind putting domains as private may be many. This is an event run by private persons, not any company or any one individual, so they might have a joined responsibility about the site, therefore they can’t put one single individual down as the “owner”, and they don’t have a registered company, so they can’t put that down either.

    I know it’s a pain when you wanna find out things about a particular website, but seeing as this is a SL event, I don’t know what you would get out of knowing who owns the domain for the info blog… besides, since it’s a blog, the primary owners of the blog can easily be found if you look at the “authors”…

    Any other reason to find out more would be to find some RL info on them, and that’s borderline stalking 😉

    I’m probably just ranting, but I don’t really see the reason why you would bring it up if it wasn’t important for you to know who owns the domain…

  5. Actually, I own the website, and i can say that I’m not in Arizona by a long shot! I’m sorry I fill you with suspicion but you’re welcome to talk to me anytime! All our head staff are listed on our website at and I’ll be adding more when we’ve filled the positions. Feel free to hit me up inworld if you want.

    KT Syakumi

    • Not to worry. I’m just paranoid about anything on the web. Thanks for posting and I will be sending people to your site and others that support SL10B.

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