Building w/Mesh in Second Life

Penny Patton has a new article out on building with mesh. See: Mesh Content Creators, You’re Doing It Wrong! She is so subtle.

Penny has a region named Milk and Cream (Adult NSFW). She has been rebuilding this area and replacing sculpties and prims with mesh objects. She is finding the general FPS rate has in general increased from 15 to 30. Her prim cost (Land Impact Cost now) has been cut in half; allowing her to add more stuff. Plus mesh things can be much more detailed. When the Materials System goes live the amount of detail will increase enormously.

Penny has a thing about building to scale in Second Life. I’ve written about her articles several times. Her point is that if one builds to scale they can have more stuff in a region. Also having things properly scaled can reduce the Land Impact Cost. The LIC of mesh goes up as the scale is increased.

The main thrust of her article is about how people are scaling mesh objects up to work with the over sized avatars many SL users wear. That is significantly costing them additional tier and reducing the amount of content they can have in a region.

Check out the article and then visit Milk & Cream. See if Milk & Cream provides better performance than other areas of the same complexity.

7 thoughts on “Building w/Mesh in Second Life

  1. Yay for Penny!

    Remember that when you visit, your enormous avatar with a flexi hair and skirt, and necklace made of 500 tortured torii will affect your experience. (I’m talking to you, not Nal.)

  2. The LI is a good point and I like her approach with realistic sizing.
    I’m seeing more realistic sized avatar more often lately.

    • I think there are more real sized avatars. But, that might be my imagination.

      Penny does a good job of explaining the advantages and problems.

  3. My 1920s Berlin sim is build to RL scale and the things I sell in my shop ‘Weimar!’ are also RL scale.
    The result of this is that I’ve managed to squeeze more city into my region, have lots of stuff, lots of details, over 70 tenants who rez their stuff… and still have over 1000 prims left.
    And I can sell lots of objects that look great but are still very low prim.
    The sad thing is that I sometimes see things advertised on marketplace with a high prim count only to discover that once you scale them down to a more RL based scale, the LI goes down a lot and the shopkeeper has lost a chance there to sell it as low prim.
    I am now meshing the entire sim, lots of work, but worth it.

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