New Second Life Web Art

The Lab has posted Fresh Spring Login Pages in the Second Life Forum.

There are five new images. One by Strawberry Singh. Harper Beresford has 2 images in the set of 5. They are very similar to Strawberry’s style.

These pages are nice. We have seen this style before so it is nothing new. But, it is nice to see new art appearing.

2 thoughts on “New Second Life Web Art

    • Fine art artists generally tend to disdain ad art. But, those of us working in the marketing realms see ad art as far more demanding than fine art. Both require talent. Fine art artists have the freedom to create anything. Commercial artists have to meet so many criteria…

      When done well either can uplift and be works of beauty. What counts is what the observer thinks and since what is thought is opinion, it is not debatable.

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