Second Life News 2013-4 (2)

At today’s meeting of the Server-Scripting User Group we got little news that we did not already know. There was no rollout to the main channel. So, we have the same package running as last week and will until next Tuesday.

Wednesday the Release Candidate channels will get the packages they started out with last week: the Interest List improvements and Threaded Region-Crossing.

Server-Scripting Group 2013-4

Server-Scripting Group 2013-4

Magnum will get the Interest List packages that was on Blue Steel and Le Tigre last week.

Blue Steel and Le Tigre will get the Region-Cross improvements that ran there two weeks ago… according to Maestro… I had to look back and see if that was right… I think the regions had the Interest List package. See: Second Life News 2013-3 or Deploys.

The changes to these packages are fixes for the problems they found running in the RC environment. Otherwise they are the same. 


STORM-68As a Builder, I want that ability to set default permissions on creation of objects, clothing, scripts, note cards, etc. This change is almost ready to roll out.


The proposed new panel for default permission settings.

This is the prototype of the panel that will be in the viewer eventually. The server side is expected to be in RC in 2 or 3 weeks… may be.

Simon Linden says they are testing to see that nothing changes in how the defaults are set up. This means that if you are used to things working a certain way, they will still work that way until you change a default setting. We’ll have to see how well they pull that off.

World Map

Kelly Linden says the problem with region in the Magnum channel not showing on the World Map has been fixed in this release.

Terrain Behavior

We are finding that the terrain behaves a bit differently since the addition of the new Havok Physics Engine. For one bullets fired into the ground tend to stick. They don’t collide, roll, move, or otherwise behave as one would expect physical objects to behave.

Also fast moving objects can penetrate the ground.

Vehicles more easily hang up on the terrain.

These effects may be related to BUG-1280Teleporting using the World Map puts you underground upon arrival.

Just strange...

Just strange…

Object Rez

Baker Linden came by and explained, “I wanted to pop in and mention that the new object rez code I’ve been working on is going to QA for testing in the next few weeks.

We’re looking at some sim stats, and it seems like the threading is doing a good job of keeping the simulator running at full frame rate. That’s good because that means more things can get processed every frame.

Once the code is live somewhere, I’ll announce the location here and in Thursday’s Beta User Group, so y’all can start testing it to find any additional bugs we didn’t catch in QA.

This is the code that takes the rez process into separate threads so that the server physics is not stalled when objects like large link sets are rezzed.


Firestorm remains the most stable viewer in use. The Linden Lab viewer 3.4.4 is the next most stable. (Reference)

The development viewer is at version:  3.4.6 (269229) Development.

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