Second Life News 2013-4

It looks like we won’t have a rollout this Tuesday. Last week the RC rollouts had to be rolled back. That happened on Friday. Neither of the two candidates passed.

Monday is a holiday for some in the USA, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We can include Linden Lab in that group. So, there is not much news out about exactly what went wrong.

It seems that in the Magnum RC regions the regions were falling off the World Map.

Apparently the other regions with the Interest List improvements were crashing at a high enough rate to alarm the Lindens.

Whatever, they all got rolled back. So, I assume the entire grid is running the code from the Main Release channel.

We should get some news from the Server-Scripting group meeting Tuesday.

One thought on “Second Life News 2013-4

  1. The entire grid on the main channel!!! This should be done more often. I can finally see all 4 diagonal regions!!
    Makes me wonder why this problem is not yet fixed.

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