#SL News 2 Week 48

We had a roll back of the release channels this Thursday. SO, if you are wondering what happened, here is the story.

Quoting Maestro Linden in Thrusday’s Beta Server meeting, “So, let’s go over releases a bit.

This week was pretty ‘exciting’. The main channel got a maint-server that had been in RC for 2 weeks, which mostly included bugfixes. That went pretty smoothly.

However, on Wednesday we ran into some issues with the new code. We’d planned to put new code in all 3 RCs, and we took care of Blue Steel and Magnum, but by the time we got to Le Tigre, the grid was sick (unrelated to the new code), so Coyot aborted the Le Tigre roll.

Then there were reports in the forums about offline IM emails from objects being broken; if an object sent you an IM and you were offline, the offline email would contain all the usual details *except* for the message this bug affected both Blue Steel and Magnum since they both shared the responsible change.

Then, after digging into offline emails a bit more, we noticed that the ‘To’ field of offline emails would show the object owner’s name instead of the recipient’s name. So it would be like “To: Motor Loon <sonicandmiles@gmail.com>” which was a little confusing 🙂 Fortunately they went to the right person at least.

Anyway, these bugs were kind of bad, but we weren’t sure that they were worth the trauma and downtime of an emergency rollback. But then this morning, we became aware of a 3rd bug, from support. It turned out that deeding parcels to groups was failing. That was the main cause for the rollbacks this [Thursday] morning.

So, now we’re back to Server on all 4 channels.

Kelly was pretty quick with bug fixes for those 3 issues, but they’re still in testing. We hope we can try again next week.

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