#SL ROKURO (lathe) for Windows & Mac

Yuzuru Jewell has released a new version of Rokuro (4.2.0), a program for making sculpties maps and Collada files. In this release being able to save as a Collada file is a new feature. Use the Collada file for import to Second Life™ as a mesh. You can still make sculpties.

Rokuro 4.2 – Easy to Use

Download Rokuro

On the site it list these features:

  • Output the Collada file for Mesh Model in Second Life.
  • The UV map and number of vertices in the Collada file are the same as a Sculpted Prim.
  • Hard Angle is specified automatically.
  • If you select the LoD option, you can save 3 Level of Detail (LoD) files.

All the details and instructions are on the Download page. Scroll down for the manual and the install instruction that say there is no install. It is a standalone program. So, you could run it from a memory sticks.

Shapes can be exported at TGA for sculpties, OBJ (Wavefront) files made of triangles, OBJ files made of Quads, and Collada files. The OBJ and Collada files can be imported to Blender. Of course Blender has a lathe tool. But, Rokuro is WAY easier to learn and use.

If you use the program to make and sell products in SL, be sure to donate.

Programs are available for purchase to make more complex shapes:

  • NOMI

For a quick way to make symmetrically shaped mesh objects check out Rokuro.

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