#SL Adult Content Problems

I used to attend the Adult Content User Group (ACUG) meetings. Some of the most fun people were there. But, IMO Viale Linden pretty much killed off the user group. It was pretty much dead by the end of 2011. There are resident groups that organize their own projects on the adult continent. But, they little of the Lindens.

Now a year since the end of the user group Voodoo Redek is trying to get the Lab to change its stance on the ACUG or at least help out with the griefing issues in the adult continent’s Zindra’s Vortex Help Island/sandbox. Viale Linden is gone so there are possibilities things are changing.

The Zindra Help Vortex is one of the sandboxes where volunteers help new users and those wanting to learn about building in Second Life™. Of course it has an adult content lean, but that is not a requirement for those using the Vortex.

The Vortex has been having more than its share of griefing problems. The volunteers are tired of filling Abuse Reports with no apparent effect. Voodoo finally got to the point of saying something.

You can learn more about the Zindra Help Vortex on the Vortex’s site.

You can read Voodoo’s article here: Message from Voodoo 10-05-12

Members of the Adult Content community are trying to get something organized with the Lab to improve things. We will see what happens.



2 thoughts on “#SL Adult Content Problems

  1. Or, they could pack it up and come set up residence at Kitely for $$35 monthly and enjoy plenty of regions and top notch, professional, timely support from Ilan and Oren.


    • I agree that is a possibility. But, one of the big problems with OpenSim grids is the lack of users. OSGrid has the largest user base AFAIK. With 7,000+ regions and 83,000+ members their peak concurrency tends to be <300.

      At $35/mo verses $300/mo SL's 63,000 concurrent users provides a customer cost of $0.0047/possible customer. I can't find any stat for concurrent users on Kitely. Hyoergrid Business report <300 active users in the month. If I assume 300 were online at the same time, unlikely, that gives a per possible customer cost of $0.1167/customer or 24.8 times more. If I consider that 3,745 users were active on OSGrid and <300 were concurrently logged in I have about 8% of monthly active. 8% of Kitely's 300 active is probably 24 concurrent logins. $35/24=$1.458 or 310 times more per possible customer. - Yes, I know I am mixing monthly values and daily values, but the comparison holds when the time ranges are matched.

      Ciaran Laval wrote: Kitely v Second Life And Finding A Happy Medium. It provides another way of looking at costs verses benefits of Kitely.

      For users and merchants Kitely is not yet a good deal or investment. It is apparent from Ciaran’s article that most of the other grids are peaking at about 300 concurrent users. I am curious as to how many of those 300 are the same people visiting the various grids. They are trending up. The number of region is increasing quickly. But, until the peak concurrent users is similar to SL’s…

      As I see it Kitely’s main attraction is the low monthly cost for a region setup and server side maintenance. I can avoid that cost and run my own server, but I have to have the technical ability to do that. Kitely is an inexpensive way to avoid the tech requirement.

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