#SL News 1 Week 39

Deformer Project Viewer

I got the Mesh Deformer project Viewer 3-4-1-264215 on 9/2. I’ve been playing with it on and off since then.

Today (9/25) I checked and I find that a new project viewer is on the download site: Second Life 3-4-1-265137 Project Viewer Deformer.

So, if you are playing with the Deformer, be sure you have the latest version.

Server Scripting 9/25

Kokua Viewer

There is a new release of Kokua out: Kokua:Release Notes/3.3.4 Grid Manager

As best I can tell, there is no Mac version. There are Linux and Windows versions.

This version has a grid manager. I suppose that means it has no Havok features for mesh upload and Pathfinding.

There is an Aurora version available too.

Group Chat

Everyone likes to grip about how bad group chat is. That is probably because it is bad. But, you may remember back in February 2011 the Lab was looking at fixing group chat. For a time they experimented with XMPP and even had a project viewer out. See: Second Life Group Chat Upgrade Coming. Well… that didn’t work out. XMPP was dropped.

The Lab did get great data on the chat problems. They used that to make changes to group chat. Things improved markedly. Of course as soon as group char could carry more of a load, users used it more and ate up the extra capacity. So, while group chat is better, it is still bad.

The Lab is still thinking about and planning to improve group chat. The ideas have yet to move out of the internal discussion stage. As Andrew says, they are still kicking ideas around. But, eventually…


VWR-28458Mesh avatars can corrupt the shape when unworn. Some of you may have run into this problem. If you picked up the Hamster Avatar from The Arcade (L$100) GOCHA… you may run into the problem. It has nothing to do with the Hamster. It is a general problem that can happen with any mesh avatar that changes your shape.

The current work-around recommended by the Lab is to relog. That usually works.

Tiberious Neruda provided and set of work-around steps.

I’ve noticed that this can be avoided… without needing a relog.

First: Instead of ‘Wear’, use ‘Add’ to put on the rigged mesh.

Second, avoid, at ALL costs, wearing two rigged meshes with offsetting [joint positions(?)].

Finally, if you’re changing shape anyway, do so AFTER you’ve detached the rigged mesh.

Motor Loon says if you do push-ups it will keep you in shape too… right.

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