KirstenLee’s Viewer S22(1a)

I thought I had seen the last of KirstenLee’s viewer. But, a couple of days ago a new post popped up on the blog and the code repository was updated 9/23/2012. Since then there have been over 14,000 downloads of the Kirsten Viewer. I was 14,695.

I am not sure how up to date the viewer is. My last download was 21(9) in July 2011, over a year ago. The current version is 22(1a). The install notes say there are only minor changes from 21(9).

I found the time to download and rez things to be long. Inventory took a couple of minutes to download. Of course my avatar would not rez until I had most of my inventory. I suspect the viewer is still using the UDP protocol for several services that have updated to HTTP.

Direct Delivery’s Received Box is there. Mesh is handled. The Interface is mostly Viewer 2, it has the sidebar. Menu buttons can be turned on and off but no button drag and drop.

It is amazing how little Viewer 3 has changed, interface-wise, from viewer 2 days.

The speed is good. I’m getting 25 to 40 FPS without Lighting & Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, and Sun & Moon.

I don’t know if this new release means Lee has time to work on the project or what the story is.

But, it is nice to see a new version of the viewer out.

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