#SL News 2 Week 38

Deformer BUG

This YouTube video got posted to show a bug in the Deformer Viewer.

This is likely a viewer problem more than it is a problem in the Deformer. There is no JIRA item that you can contribute to. So, if you see this problem, file your own JIRA and provide your information.

UPDATE: BUG-157 – Interaction between graphic shader setting and deformation enabled mesh. By: BDOGG Hax.


SVC-7959Regions that are restarting need to have their sim state saves occur immediately before or during stopping phase to minimize script memory loss and rezzed content loss or duplication.

Some time ago the Lindens started work on improving the software that controls the roll out of software updates. There were several things that needed to change. They decided to put adjacent regions in the same or physically nearby servers. Then the data centers went from 3 to 2. All these things have to get factored in. Presumably Coyot’s computer is all upgraded and this roll was running as intended.

However, the roll has not gone as smoothly as one would hope. Apparently the first restart after this roll doesn’t work as well as it should. Several regions are having to be restarted to get things working correctly. It is too soon to know what is going on or how extensive the problem is.

Mesh Bugs

Nyx Linden is checking to see if there are mesh bugs left that need to be fixed. I think the JIRA Change is bringing the question up. The Lindens are trying to clean up the things left in the JIRA (old). It seems prioritizing them is the purpose of the question.

So, if you have a mesh problem that is in a JIRA, or not, post the question/issue as an agenda item in the Content Creation/Mesh Import User Group. Try to be there for the meeting. You’ll get personal attention. If you cannot be there, the transcript of the meeting posts a few days after the meeting.


The land impact total reported under “About Land” doesn’t match the land impact of the individual items on it, and the difference is a lot bigger than rounding error.

It seems there is a problem. We have no idea what the scale of the problem is. But, if you are seeing it file a BUG Report and name the region.

CORRECTION: BUG-116 – Sideeffects on cam and llcastray due to physics mesh. I’m not sure how I got 116 matched to the wrong Land Impact Total Displayed problem. I cannot find a JIRA on that issue.

Height Display

If you follow Penny Paton’s blog you have likely seen her articles: A Matter of Perspective and A Matter of Scale . They were the basis and inspiration for my article: #SL Crusade for Good Looks.

Form those articles you know that the height read out in the Appearance Editor is inaccurate, which leads to a skewing of the scale of avatars in SL. This came up as a topic in the Content/Mesh meeting: Are there any intentions to fix the incorrect height display in the appearance editor and oversized starter avatars? CrystalShard Foo 10:19, 17 September 2012

Nyx Linden says that server side code relating to the problem is going to have to changed as part of the Avatar Compositing Service. So, we may see this old problem fixed as part of this new service.

A follow up question dealt with the Starter Avatars heights. While Nyx seems to doubt the existing avatars will be changed. Nyx was planning to contact the group in the Lab that creates things like the Avatars so that any future avatars may be more correctly sized.

If you are reshaping your avatar, I have just the thing for you. See: Model Shape Tool, which is a guide for getting proportions correct. You can read about it in: #SL Crusade for Good Looks. (Shameless Plug)

Mesh Upload Dialog

The subject of this window has come up again. The window is not resizable. So, large objects are hard to preview. I am pretty sure that is not going to change. The Lindens seem to feel the Preview Grid isa solution for that problem.

There is also the problem of the physics model’s display color being the same as the mesh item’s color. This is a bug and will hopefully get fixed soon.

Texture Preview

There is a trick people are using to work with others while creating textures for clothes, makeup, and skin. It seems one can use a temporary texture as clothes, makeup, and skin and other avatars in the same region can see the textures. This is an anomaly of the current bake system. Since the viewer bakes the appearance and sends it to the server and has access to the temporary texture this gets temporary textures into the temporary baked composite thus allowing others to see them.

This only works if both people are in the same region and stay in the region.

The new Avatar Baking Service will not have access to temporary textures on your hard drive. So, this ability to share will go away. Some people may add it as a feature request. But, I doubt it is going to be added to the new system.

By the Lab’s definition this is an unsupported feature. So, if it goes away they won’t feel they broke anything. It will however be a real drag for those that regularly use it. Back to the preview grid.

Interest List

Andrew Linden has his code pretty much complete. He had it ready for RC but is getting some reports of problems so it may not make week 38’s RC roll out. The code is running somewhere on ADITI, which is where the problem reports are coming from (internal QA).

6 thoughts on “#SL News 2 Week 38

  1. BUG-116 is not about landimpact, maybe the discussion mixed a bit up at this point. It’s about strange side effects which one of my physiscmeshes had, which was visible with castray way over the size of the object (you see this object some 100m away in a castray) and also your cam gets shaked while you cross this areas near or in the object, which makes walking in a house to a catastrophic experience. (I give you a LM if you want to see this effect). There seems to be a calculation error in a server function which calculates a physical representation for cam and castray.
    (BUG is triaged and accepted, from now on even I have no further insight)

    • If someone triaged the report, closed it, and you have more to add, just email Alexa and in this BUG Maestro who responded.

      Looking at the report it does seem to have been completed as it is marked resolved. Take a look at it again and see if there is a comment button at the very bottom of the page, left side. If not, then you are in fact locked out.

      It appears that BUG-116 is the only BUG in regard to llCastRay(). All others are in JIRA sections you should be able to view. You might ask Maestro if the problem is being handled as part of another JIRA item. The new BUG section does not seem to have an easy system for identifying duplicates and showing links to them. You might mention that to Maestro.

      • No comment button, but I just wanted to hint you that BUG-116 is not about landimpact and maybe give other readers a chance to know whats is about, bec nobody can see this bugs, except you, lindens and another bunch of people unknown. I wrote maestro per email, no reply (its ok), but I did what I could. (no drama involved). Thats the new streamlined bug system…. creators of bugs can’t comment anymore if accepted.

  2. I wouldnt say that the deformer is a bug at all. Turning off shaders you also turn off “hardware skinning”, so I guess is expected to work in that way. Is very known that you need turn ON harware skinning in order to use rigged meshes (or at least it was before).

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