#SL News Week 38

Main Channel Roll

Simon Linden tells us there were problems with the Tuesday roll out. The problems were cosmetic. Things just did not rez correctly on a number of regions on the first start after the update. They are not sure what the problem was. Restarts seem to fix it.

In the Server-Scripting Group meeting at 12:21 the ‘second’ restart was 90% complete. So, while the roll out was behind, it was not too bad.

Release Candidate Roll

As I reported in: Group Edit Update Week 37, Group Edit is moving ahead. While I was thinking we were weeks away from seeing it on an RC channel it seems it will make it out Wednesday.

The Deploys thread in the forum has not updated so it is unclear what exactly is going to roll out tomorrow. Simon says a bunch of new localized notifications are included.

As long as Large Group Editing is part of it, a number of people will be happy. I think Baker is going to publish a blog post in the SL Blog. We will see how that goes.

Linden Projects

You probably saw the announcement by now: #SL New Linden Lab Projects.

Simon announced it in the Server-Scripting Group. He made clear that those working the SL side of things have almost no idea what is going on in those projects.


Another Havok release is coming. Andrew and Falcom are going to be figuring out how to make that roll through the RC channels. As you may remember, different Havok versions are a big problem for objects crossing regions.

The last update of Havok was made simply to get Havok bug fixes needed for the Pathfinding Project. Andrew describes it this way, “Andrew Linden: Mostly we were picking up the latest bug fixes for the new features we were using: pathfinding and navmesh stuff. We encountered a few performance problems in the pathfinding stuff. Some of the Havok bugs were already fixed [in that version of Havok] and some were newly discovered, but they fixed them when we provided some repro recipes.

We’ll be upgrading Havok again soon as we transition to VisualStudio 2010 for the server code.

Falcon and I were talking about that [region crossing problem]. Dunno what Falcon is going to decide to do.

Nulling Pathfinding

Many know that Pathfinding can be disabled in a region. Some understand that just stops PF Characters and does NOT turn off the actual Havok based PF features. Andrew thinks that building a large Exclusion Volumn would force an empty Navmesh and perhaps save a few milliseconds of server time.

The Simball game is revealing some problems in how PF updates. It seems to cause users some lag spikes. There will likely be some testing in the ADITI grid right after Thursdays Beta Server meeting, if Andrew can get ready in time.

Scripts Run %

This is a new stat in the Viewer Statistics panel. Kelly Linden says this reports what percent of scripts are getting a chance to run each frame. 100% means all scripts got a chance. 90% means 90% got a chance. That doesn’t mean they actually ran. They may be waiting for an event. But they did get to check if the event fired.

6 thoughts on “#SL News Week 38

  1. I think they had to do rather more than simply restart the sims after the first, problematic, roll-out. On my home sim, Freedonia, we were initially on Second Life Server (when things weren’t rezzing, people were rubber-banding all over the place and trees with flexy leaves and branches were going nuts) and later, after the second restart, we are now on Second Life Server

    To me that looks like two different versions.

  2. Even walking between regions was very funky mid way through the rollouts. I think it had to do with communication between the viewer and the sim server, after I crashed things were considerably better.

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