New Firestorm-Phoenix Viewer Release

I got home late tonight, Wednesday. I see there is a new release of Firestorm Viewer out, version: 4.1.1 (28744). This viewer has been a work in progress for about four months. So, lots of new stuff.

Firestorm-Phoenix 4.1.1 in Firestorm Mode

Get the download here: Firestorm-Phoenix Viewer Download.

You can read the official announcement on the FS/PH Blog: Major Firestorm Viewer Update! It has a list of the more interesting updates and new features. A full list of changes, fixes, and features is in the  Firestorm 4.1.1 Release notes.

Inara Pey has a more detailed review on her site: Firestorm Her review hits some of what she sees as the import changes. One being this viewer is more stable than the previous version, which is good.

I think Inara and I both see this release as a nearing the last step in merging Firestorm and Phoenix. On the login screen one has a choice of Firestorm or Phoenix user interface. The default is Firestorm, which is an improved but familiar Linden Lab Viewer 3.x interface. One can also select the standard Linden V3 user interface or a Hybrid interface. One must relog when the user interface selection is changed.

Jessica says this release has 99% of the features in the previous Phoenix release.

The download is about 34 mb and really quick. The install is standard. I installed over the top of the previous install. Every thing seems to work and it remembered my settings from the previous version.

The viewer is able to make 16 to 22 FPS with Lighting & Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, and Sun/Moon Shadows on HIGH.

Check back after I’ve had time to use the viewer for a few hours.

My screen does a pretty Pink Prims thing when closing the viewer… other than being surprising, the viewer seems to close and restart OK.

One thought on “New Firestorm-Phoenix Viewer Release

  1. The pink prims–I think the colour is more like magenta–is a known graphics glitch/ I still see it occasionally.

    I’m not sure, some things might be nothing to do with this Firestorm version, but I have had enough odd things happen to be wary. But it’s the old everything at once problem, Firestorm and sim code rollouts, and maybe other problem causes, all at the same time.

    There are the traditional false alarms from Norton AV.

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