#SL Server News Update Wk17

Seems we had a major melt down Thursday morning (USA morning). One of the Linden Lab® data centers had hardware network failures. In systems this size there is usually considerable effort put into load balancing to distribute the workload. So, with the center dropping offline everything went out of balance as the servers remaining online could not carry the load. The Lindens turned off some services until they could get the data center back online. Mostly money related services went offline. It took several hours to correct the problem.

During that time login’s were closed or inaccessible and the main Second Life® web sites went offline.

There is no truth to the rumor that one of the gerbils peed on a router after waking up from a hard night of partying in Zindra.

Main Channel

This week a roll did make it to the main grid. This is the package with the Inventory API’s. So, with luck we will see better inventory and delivery performance. As Thursday the Tuesday roll has not shown any problems.

The flight limit change to 5,000m went grid wide Tuesday. So, far that seems to have worked ok. Or… may be everyone with a flight problem is stranded in space and we just can’t hear them…

Release Channels

The release channels Blue Steel and Le Tigre got a new maintenance package. It is said to fix some crash issues. Since the Lindens are not saying much about what is in or fixed by the package we can assume it is more security things, anti-griefer stuff.

There are some new physics related griefer exploits making the rounds. The security team is sorting those out and looking to block them. So, the basic arms race continues.

The Magnum channel will continue to run the previous package. A fix for SVC-7845Group notices are not sent to users from RC is in this week’s version of the package.

I’m already hearing some are having attachment problems in Magnum channel regions.

Several people are hoping the Magnum channel is promoted because of the new LSL features it contains. The features are; the agent list, slice, and HTTP header sizing. So, hopefully it is something other than a problem in the package causing the attachment problems.


Maestro Linden says it is coming along. I missed the PUG meeting and Lorca Linden still has not gotten the meeting times and transcripts posted. So, I missed out on what’s up with Pathfinding this week.

Other Stuff

SVC-7862Items arriving in inventory don’t become focused in the inventory window, when taking objects.

SVC-7862Saving a notecard containing an embedded item in a prim renders it blank or it locks with a no mod icon.


4 thoughts on “#SL Server News Update Wk17

  1. “So, with luck we will see better inventory and delivery performance. As Thursday the Tuesday roll has not shown any problems.”

    There *are* problems, only to name a few:

    • Aaaaw. 🙁 Looks bad for Magnum.

      Thanks for adding the JIRA links, Henri.

      SVC-7863 – Note cards embedded inside another note card fail to open automatically after being copied into the inventory
      SVC-7858 – Items arriving in inventory don’t become focused in the inventory window, when taking objects
      SVC-7853 – Newly created notecards dont auto open in the viewer on

  2. Thanks for the clear and concise description of yesterday’s problems.
    I wonder why the same thing could not have been posted at the official blog yesterday! Or even at the grid status page.
    Once again we rely on the bloggers and their back channels for information LL should be broadcasting to all residents.

    • I suppose… I think the people that handle SL PR and post to the Grid Status and other web pages are less technical and out of the loop. Plus, whatever they say has to be run by someone in the know so the Lab doesn’t blunder an announcement and look stupid. If I blow it Henri will correct me. 🙂

      So, I doubt things will change, which gives us something to do.

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