Second Life Direct Delivery ANS Hits

Today an announcement came out that the new Direct Delivery system now has ANS… Automatic Notification System.

Today, Linden Lab launched Automatic Notification System (ANS). ANS allows those Merchants that used Xstreet with the Magic Box Delivery System to confirm that a delivery has completed and send order details in a consistent format to a specified URL.

In order to support ANS with Direct Delivery purchases, we have made ANS available in Merchant Admin under Store setup on the Marketplace web site. Note that the Marketplace version will only support sending data URLs; it will NOT support sending data to inworld objects. For more details on how this system will work, please see this user created content on the wiki.

Before we can retire Magic Boxes, we will need to complete support for limited quantity items (or items that are “no copy” for the merchant).

The Commerce Team (Reference)

The lack of ANS has been a problem for a number of merchants as they change over to Direct Delivery. So, this will be a welcome addition.

In the SL News Week 16 article I covered the roll out to Blue Steel and Le Tigre of a server maintenance package with enhancements for Direct Delivery. With any luck these new changes will make DD more usable and dependable.

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  1. FYI, you can use this product to set up a simple ANS automatic messaging system:

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