Direct Delivery Launches

The Lindens have enabled Direct Delivery on the main grid today. There is also a nice new shiny blog post creatively titled: Direct Delivery Launches Today.

The post has links to Wiki pages with more information and a Torley Linden video, Yay! Torley! Titled: Direct Delivery Essentials.

I am one that believes in avoiding the rush and never being first… even if there is a virgin involved. First is dangerous and full of surprises.

UPDATE: Getting your Merchant’s Outbox working is trick. To get the Received Items folder visit the Market Place and get the Direct Delivery Bear. The Received Items folder will appear when it arrives. Actually buying anything that is Direct Delivery ready will cause your Received Items folder to appear.

Getting the opposite side of the coin working is more complex. Some are saying log in and out of SL and it will start working. (Me->Merchant Outbox…) But, that has not worked for many of us. The in-world commerce group is flooded with people asking, ‘WTF?’

Some are recommending logging out of and into the Market Place then logging out of and into of Second Life. A number of people are saying it works for them. I tried it and it worked for me. \o/

UPDATE: For those moving things to the new DD Market Place… when you make a folder to place an existing product into DD, the name must match the product name exactly to auto-associate. Otherwise, you must manually associate the new DD item with the existing Magic Box item.

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