Linden Layoffs?

I see on Tateru’s and Inara’s blogs and in loads of Plurks that Esbee and Charlar are leaving the Lab. I’m bummed.

As of yesterday Charlar was proceeding with Advanced Creator Tools. I got my join notice to the new group.


Thursday,01 Mar 2012 16:05:28 GMT

This group’s purpose is to provide a channel for some communications related to the Advanced Creator tools. You are the first members because you are also part of the closed beta for the tools themselves, especially the Experience Permission system. This beta will take part initially on Aditi with a private group meeting and forum. Currently I see no reason to require an NDA. What we’re doing isn’t necessarily sekrit, it’s more that we want to work out any kinks with you all in a calm, professional group.

That group is for beta testers helping with the Linden Realms Tools. New permissions systems are needed to go with the tools. So, there is lots to work out. I have no idea what the status of this project is now.

Charlar’s departure will likely put a kink in the Content-Mesh Creation group too.

I’ll miss Charlar.

UPDATE: I do have it from a reliable source that Charlar neither left nor was fired… but, he is not here any more. Figure that one out…

I haven’t heard much about what Esbee was doing. I knew her from when she ran the Viewer Evolution group. I missed her when she left the first time. Recently I haven’t been able to tell she was back. So, I’m neutral on her departure.

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