SOPA Update

ReadWriteWeb has an article on recent developments in the SOPA, Protect-IP, and OPEN bills. The Obama administration is saying they will not sign any bill that would allow censorship or changes in the domain naming system. Personally, I think that is smoke to quite the resistance these proposed laws are drawing from around the world.

I will point out that this is the same administration that issued a ‘legal opinion’ telling government agencies they may ‘legally’ lie to avoid complying with Freedom of Information requests. See the LA Times editorial:  Obama’s secrets

Additionally this is the administration that signed an executive order that relives the government from following due process when American citizens are accused of sexual misconduct on campuses. Guilt is to be determined by the college or university administration. Failure to do so is cause to cut off funds to the institution. See this article by a Buddhist Obama supporter. (It links to the WSJ)

I suggest that any time a politician tells you what he is going to do, you better watch them. The result you get is often very different than the politician’s words.

Keep writing letters to Congress. See: SOPA is Still a Problem for detailed information.

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  1. It seems that second citizen web is already blocked:

    The firewall of The United States? :/

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