SOPA is Still a Problem

SOPA is: Stop Online Piracy Act. Sounds like a good thing. But, like most government actions it’s bad for the people. Watch the video. Words cannot describe it. I first saw this on GoSpeed Racer’s site.

If you have not seen this video, check it out. Its 15 minutes long. This federal law is about limiting the free flow of information on the Internet under the banner of stopping information piracy. It is another way for the failing music companies and their lawyers to make a ton of money. As the law is written politicians will be able to control speech on the Internet and that has to be bad for freedom.

OK, you have seen the sky is falling and it is a conspiracy video. It will take some research to verify everything you heard. But, some of the lawsuits are easy to check out. Also, the extradition from the UK can be checked. All that I’ve had time to research checks out. Now it’s time to catch your breath and get some perspective. Facts are always good for perspective.

One can Google H.R. 3261 (USA House of Representatives) or SOPA. Bill is sponsored by Rep. Lamar S. Smith (R – Texas) – Cosponsors are listed HERE and 8 of 31 are from California. Look to see if your rep is in the list. If so, note it so you will know who to vote out in 2012. Latest Major Action: 12/16/2011.

GoDaddy pulls its support from SOPA – Go Daddy has concerns about the free speech and Internet security implications of the legislation, but until now, has worked with lawmakers to address those issues, he said.

Now some perspective to put the sky back in place. The next video is 6 minutes long.

So, people are taking action and bringing pressure to stop SOPA. But, your participation is needed. Get your representatives to watch the video above. Ask them to oppose HR 3261. Congress will be back in secession the first week of January 2012. Their offices will be open after New Year’s holiday.

Get your friends to watch the video. Get them to call their representatives.

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