Niran Viewer Dies of Broken Heart

OK… ok… that is a bit of hype. It seems Niran is suffering from a lost lover. Been there and done that. Dealing with grief is a downer. On top of that the Exodus Viewer Team has just released a viewer with a load of new graphics features. See: Exodus Viewer Beta 6 (12-01-02) Released Review.

The result of these two events has left Niran a bit down. So, chase him down in world and shoot him… no… no… not really. I couldn’t resist. But, a thank you note and a bit of sympathy may brighten his day. Find NiranV Dean. He has done a nice job of providing a neat viewer with awesome shadows.

You can read his announcement here. Obviously he is a bit depressed and down. So, the viewer may be discontinued, go private, come back later, or just continue. It just depends on how long it takes Niran to recover.


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